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528 Love Vibration

Everything has a vibration, and 528 mathematical science now proves, is a simple number that is central to the

musical mathematical matrix of creation.

This "LOVE frequency" more than any sound previously discovered,

resonates harmonically in your heart,

inaudibly connecting your spiritual essence to the spiralling reality of heaven and earth. 


In 1998 two doctors Joseph Puleo and Leonard Horowitz a 3000 year old best kept secret discovery was made

exposing the original musical scale, the original Solfeggio.

From Dr Puleo we learned the 3rd Solfeggio note, the MI tone, vibrates at 528 Hz.

Classical musicians used this tuning that works like a sonic prayer.

Later, Dr Horowitz published in 'Love the Real da Vinci Code', that this MI note vibrates at the heart of EVERYTHING!

The warm fuzzy feeling you get in the middle of your heart when you are in LOVE, vibrates at 528Hz!


Sound Vibration and Water

We are offering aquatic body work enhanced with sound.

528 Liquid Sound Baths

These sessions will be offered by two therapists together.

Delphiris holds you safely in warm waters, while Lyn will be using various tools from

sounds by voice, quartz crystal bowls, tuning forks - to name a few - to deepen your experinc in a very profound way.

We offer individual sessions as well as partner/ friends sessions: While one person floats by her/himself and
receives a sound batch, the other person will be moved by Delphiris, also receiving the soundbath.
On request we interchange the experince, allowing for each person to float by themselves.

Please call Delphiris for available sessions, times and prices.


Read more about

sound, vibrations, water, 528 in Delphiris new book, click here

Crystalised 528 Ahava Water



My Crystal bowl pool session with Delphiris and Lyn

For just over 6 years now I have been having Watsu sessions which has been very beneficial in my life as I have Cerebral Palsy.

Which affects the left side off my body.

Watsu is done above water of course, and 2 years ago I met Delphiris who did Aquatic Therapy with me which takes you underwater

which is an incredible experience which I would recommend to anyone.

Now I have been introduced to Aquatic therapy which involves Crystal bowls and it is just the most awesome

and most beautiful experience

that I have ever had in my 6 years of receiving Aquatic Therapy.

Feeling the sound of the crystal bowl traveling through your body is indescribable.

As I didnt hear it but felt the vibration and scerene power travelling through me.

And Lyn and Delphiris singing 'Love' to me is so angelic.

It is really lovely and very healing.

I so recommend that you try it and see for yourself! I'm so glad I did.

Jeff Maher








Jeff's sessions on Video

Find them here

(they all we be uploaded soonest)