Discover your Inner Dolphin
Aqua Healing Touch - Aquatic Handling in warm pool water
  watch Delphiris as a mermaid
Dolphin Play Shop - on dry Land

September 2009: Conference in Cornwall

We just finished our successful and beautiful Goddess conference in Cornwall 2009 Part of it was my contribution of water treatments, a dolphin play shop and the Sea ceremony. Below pictures speak for themselves.


10.00-12.00am: Dolphins and Ocean Therapy

This is an introduction into Dolphins and Ocean Therapy, working with the healing essence of the ocean and dolphins. You will connect to your dolphin within. Some of the tools to be used are: dolphin healing, meditation, healing with shells, breath work and sounds. The dolphin 'play shop' will five the participant a taste of the wonderful energy of our dolphin friends. Delphiris will show you that with a playful nature, workshops do not have to be 'work' but can be lots of fun too!


2.00-5.00pm: Sea Ceremony - Connecting with Mother Ocean

We travel to a local beach to continue our playfulness and connection with Mother Ocean and the dolphins with Delphiris. Delphiris is an experienced and well-known therapist, who works with Dolphin energy and is passionate about water and healing.


 Welcome to the Dolphin room




 Individual shell healing


  Exploring the senses without sight


 Exploring holographic senses  


  Shell healing, creating a sea star, which .....



from Zoe, my dolphin-sister-assistent, who helped me set up the space and assist me through-out as well. A big thank you!

"It was so lovely to see you at the Goddess in Cornwall event, I had a lot of fun and thank you for the t-shirt you gave me, it was a lovely surprise! Here is my feedback from the dolphin play shop:"

"The dolphin play shop was so fun and playful. I really enjoyed tuning into the dolphin energies and letting go of our human limitations. It was so lovely to be completely open and at ease with myself and everyone else around me, especially when primarily using our sense of touch. My dolphin buddy and I had lots of giggles and I really enjoyed talking in dolphin!
The shell therapy was amazing, I found it really powerful. The meditations I experienced gave me a sense of freedom within myself that I had never felt before. To place myself in the sea and be totally submerged in that feeling was really special.

I felt those beautiful and mystical depths calling to me and it has given me a longing to connect with the sea more often.

Living in Cornwall can sometimes mean that I take the sea for granted as it is so close by all the time but my eyes have been re-opened, I feel like I've just seen the ocean for the every first time and it's so exciting! Now I've met my dolphin friend I cant wait to go back for more!"

Thank you for showing me my inner dolphin, you have inspired me to work with the sea energies more closely and I am using that as a basis for my next weaving project I'm doing for my degree! Lots of love to you and my inner dolphin smile,"


"Delphiris creates a safe sacred space where I was able to explore a magical and powerful connection with the energy of the dolphins and the sea. The meditative and relaxing workshop brought healing, freedom, playfulness and peace. Lovely, it was very inspiring and healing, thank you, keep in touch "


"I loved the Workshop, which took me to some amazing places with dolphin energy. I really 'became' a dolphin and had a wonderful sense of moving through the sea with other dolphins, and of being part of a whole community flowing together. I had a deep and bonding experience with my dolphin partner, and the whole Workshop was beautifully facilitated by Delphiris. Highly recommended!" 



usually does not open herself in workshops. However she resonated with my playful approach which set her at ease right from the start. She felt safe and protected and allowed herself being carried along, exploring the depth of her being.


... we create together as part of the Sea ceremony