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This was my first session with Delphiris, and have to say it was amazing:)

I felt totally relaxed, and rested ,

am very much looking forward to my next session with this warm gentle person

who really made me feel at ease:) look forward to next month warm wishes And love Lucretia. Xx


Her touch through massage certainly has a special nurturing quality - extremely blissful.
Many of the treatment affects left to the use of our imagination as to how we can become consciously aware of trapped energy -

I found this particularly successful within some shell work undertaken.

Combined with the open air & freedom without routine I was able to connect with a sense of peacefulness from within.

The overall experience has helped me continue on my own journey opening up new areas, which I previously was unable to access.

It has brought in more self-awareness along with physical release of trapped energy.

Highly recommended as part of the journey of self-discovery & awareness. xx Clare


I went to Cornwall the first time nearly by accident!
I was on my way to met Delphiris and spend the weekend on a retreat with her.

After a Reiki a Chavutti Thai session I felt like new.

I loved the treatment and Cornwall so much that I've just came back

from my third trip from Cape Cornawall and Delphiris House! EST EST EST! Daniela L


Wow!! Yet again my 400 mile journey from Liverpool to experience

Delphiris's aquatic therapies has been a very worthwhile one,

I am in total awe at the amazing work she does and I felt like I was one with the dolphins,

such a beautiful and emotional experience,

I'm looking forward to my next visit to Cornwall in July, Book a session! You will love it <3 Jeff Maher


Delphiris is an awesome healer who has the ability to deeply relax and energise you.
I have had the most wonderful sleeps since my treatment.

She is also a shaman who can help you journey to other lands.

I had an exquisite experience of visiting the cosmos with her.

Sounds far out? It is! Highly recommended xx Bayari Beegan


If you don't know how to relax ... have an aquatic bodywork session with Delphiris
If you do know how to relax ... have an aquatic bodywork session with Delphiris

If you want to experience profound healing ...

visit Delphiris If you thought you've experienced profound healing ...

Visit Delphiris Xxxc: May Charissa Borroff, Edwinstowe


Aquatic Bodywork with Delphiris is more than a healing treatment -

it is a reconnection with the Great Mother, with our primordial ancestry,

and with our true self. Delphiris is both a gentle and powerful guide,

and the underwater experience is felt as deeply healing and inter-dimensional,

as if floating in the waters of Cosmic Womb waiting to be reborn.

The experience takes us into those places of fear, lack of trust, contraction and allows us to gently unfold into surrender,

love and a trust that life supports us. There is a feeling of being 'reborn' afterwards,

smiling and glowing like a newborn baby, feeling deeply relaxed and renewed. seren Bertrand


All of our lives begin under water, in the water of our mother's womb.
Because of this, water holds a key to accessing our deepest early life memories ...

I just had an incredible underwater aquatic bodywork session with Delphiris as she held

and gently guided me through the water,

I was able to surrender deeply into the body memory of being a baby in my mother's womb.

How incredible and magical!

Completely held by life, completely vulnerable and surrendered.

Making contact with this space moved me to tears ...

and then the journey continued deeper into archetypal realms -

experiences of mermaids/mermen, being a whale, the origins of life in the vast oceans. Wow! Azra


I visited Delphiris last year and benefited so much I just had to come back this year for more.
I would especially recommend the pool sessions.

I had two this time over two days and felt I went far deeper in the second session.

Delphiris gently moves you around in the warm water,

and you are left feeling loose-limbed and relaxed as well as energised and feeling very positive.

Her other sessions are very good as well. and she will discuss with you

what you feel you need at any particular moment in time - whether it's Reiki, Indian Head massage,

guided imagery, or visits to ancient spiritual sites in the area.

Seeing her, and visiting one of the most beautiful areas in Britain

has left me feeling marvellous and I will definitely be returning next year. Sue Hughes , London


I visited Delphiris during my week's break in Cornwall.
The stunning landscape is enough to 'wow' anyone,

but I really enjoyed my sessions with Delphiris too, especially the Indian Head Massage and Reiki - heaven!

And the water therapy must have done something good, because I couldn't stop laughing afterwards!

Thanks Delphiris x Ruth Davies

Floating in the warm water I felt safe and secure in the professional and empathetic embrace of Delphiris,

as she swished my body gently to and fro.
My muscles released all tension, as the water massaged my limbs, my mind transcended into a bright,

weightless meditative state. I didn't want this fabulous sensation for body, mind and spirit to end.

Alas it did!

However, most surprisingly for me, the benefits of this water massage

stayed with me for many days following the Watsu sessiion.


Delphiris is an excellent therapist, practising in a beautiful part of Cornwall.

She is wise, skilled, flexible and 100% professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Kay Cousson