These wonderful people I recommend:


Claudia Schaefer

Claudia is the best (Massage)therapist I have come across from all the many years receiving massages. She is highly skilled,

totally working - or can I say going on a journey with) the receiver, far beyond the deep physical touch - all levels are equally

addressed in a very deep and prfound way. An hour and half with Claudia is a lot more than 'just' a massage, if you allow

yourself you can travel back to the origins of pain and start releasing. However I suggest to book a course of several sessions

as a one off won't take you as deeply as you might need to go. Layers-upon layers.....

Claudia sees you in the Totnes and Penzance areas.

07423050625. [email protected]


Katie Trenary

I can recommend Katie for her insights, personal care and intuitive work offering a very good Deep tissue massage,

Hot Stone therapy, Rebirthing and much more.

07946 847230; [email protected]


Roger White

I received a 'Deep Tissue Ayurvedic' massage  recently from Roger, which I highly recommend to you, if you are looking

for a deep massage, encompassing pressure points and stretches within the massage. This massage is like a 'detox'

too and I felt invigorated even the day after.When not in Ibiza for his water therapies in the winter, you can

call Roger here in Penzance, on 07775 717 116 to enquire or book a session.


Jo Christensen

Jo has finished her Reiki teacher Apprentice ship with me. I highly recommend her skills as Reiki Teacher, situated

on Bodmin Moor and France. She has a very loving and fun to be with nature. Her drama skills in school are greatly appreciated.

She has become - not last a wonderful personal friend as well . mailto:[email protected]


Kate Jasper

I had various sessions with Kate and I am intrigued to experience the positive effects when working on our electric circuit.

She offers Tibetan Pulsing. There are 24 organs in the body which are all connected to our bio-electrical circuit. Pulsing is

a pure and dynamic method of clearing any blocks and shocks in our nervous system which usually may have occurred in childhood.

Please call Kate on 07779127631

Annie Hatfield

If you need Acupuncture, look no further. I am experiencing several sessions with Annie without pain! (I always hated needles

when having received acupuncture before and was worried the well needed session would be painfully again)

Please call her on 01736 810723.

 Mel Perry

My name is Mel Perry and I am a qualified registered nurse. My career in nursing started in 1993 and I have worked in a variety

of acute medical environments.

I have always had an interest in natural health and health promotion. I decided to combine this interest with my medical nursing

background to offer a therapy that could really make a difference to a persons physical health as well as promoting well being.  

Helen Stone

All of our Crystals are sourced directly by Helen, the founder, and we care that you the customer gets exactly

what you need from our large stock of products.


Ellena Fries

Body Psychotherapist and Healer: "I bring many years of experience from my own exciting therapeutic and spiritual

journey into my work. I believe that every being is wonderfully special and I want to support you to find and follow your path with

love and compassion".

Rhonda Dow

studied Life Coaching for five months intensively with a company called New Insights who are regulated and are a

member of The International Coaching Federation. She learned Reiki I with me in 2007.

Sue Carberry

created 'London Integrated Bodywork®'. It is the combination of Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki

This integrated approach helps to relieve stress, increase flexibility, release energy blocks, alleviate physical aches and pains and

improves sleep, which increases your sense of well-being.