Aquatic Bodywork
A 'blissfully relaxing' experience

Physiotherapists, massage therapists, and other bodywork practitioners all over the world use it for a variety of treatments, treating to name just a few:

  • stress
  • chronic back pain
  • orthopedic problems
  • arthritis
  • sleep disorders
  • fibromyalgia
  • sleep disorders

Experience gentle, floating movements in warm water.
Being floated into deep relaxation.
Letting go of all tension in arms, shoulders, neck, legs & torso.
Someone holding you.
Just being with you.
Moving, stretching your body.
While gentle waves of warm water caressing you.


�40 per session (plus pool fees) and aftercare

£65 per session when booked on the special warm swimming pool days,
(this includes the £25 we get charged for the pool per session - a minimum of four people booking on that day is essential. If less people the price varies accordingly) Please enquire for dates.


To book a water session or ask any questions contact Delphiris directly.

This session can be booked individually or it can be taken as part of

Aqua Healing Touch.


Book several sessions over two/three days for special warm pool sessions.

Benefits of Aquatic Bodywork
Physical benefits:
  • relaxing
  • post traumatic rehabilitation after fractures etc
  • tension release
  • re-connecting to one's body
  • increased flexibility
Psychological, emotional and mental effects:
  • profoundly relaxing
  • creating joy that restores your inner source of health, energy and vitality
  • induces deep states of gratitude and ecstatic connection with life
  • deepens your relationship with yourself, partner, family and community
  • helps to resolve traumas associated with water, birth & near-drowning experiences
  • improving efficiency by creating more calmness and focus
  • lowering stress levels for overworked
  • developing a non-verbal heart communication
  • developing qualities such as acceptance, tolerance, of oneself and others
  • feeling bliss and harmony
  • experiencing unknown often fascination aspects of oneself
  • allows to discover untapped pools of creativity and inner pea
  • diving into different dimensions of one's body and being
People with special needs:
  • increased range of motion
  • muscle relaxation
  • decreased muscle spasm
  • reduced pain
Long-term benefits after several sessions:
  • improved sleep pattern
  • better digestio
  • increased healing and immune system response
  • decreased anxiety
  • reduced physical and emotional pain
After being involved in Ocean Therapy for over seven years
(including Aqua Healing Touch – freeing the body in water) I have continued my water therapy training with the wellknown Teachers Xavier Boisson and Gianni de Stefani in Goa/India in 2009. I continued my Watsu training in 2012 with the marvellous teacher Giovanni Baccarani, I can highly recommend!
I envision to continue with Shantam to further explore 'water dance'.

The passion and joy that aquatic bodywork has given me (giving and receiving) propelled me to go on a more indepth water healing journey all the way to India.

I shall blend Watsu and Aqua Wellness in my Aqua Healing Touch program, adapted to your needs and wishes.


Overview of the different modalities

Aqua Healing Touch

Aqua Healing Touch is a gentle and loving method to help all of those who are afraid or feeling uneasy being in water.

Aqua Healing Touch facilitates our awareness of how we relate in an aquatic environment either in ocean waters or a swimming pool.
It's main focus is to build up confidence in water and to bring a sense of freedom into our aquatic experiences.

Aqua Healing Touch helps us to reconnect with water. Read more here.

Watsu (WATer shiatSU)

Watsu is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water (≈ 35 °C).

It combines elements of massage, joint mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which free the body in ways impossible on land.

The warm water relaxes the muscles and supports the spine. With this support and without the weight of the body, the spine, joints and muscles can be manipulated and freed in a way unique to water work.


The effects include a very gentle, yet deep stretching and release of muscular and joint restrictions, along with a state of deep relaxation, which encourages the release of stress and tensions.

The mother of aquatic bodywork was created by Zen shiatsu therapist Harold Dull in the early 1980's in US and Japan.

Watsu has evolved into what many consider the most profound development in bodywork in our time. While other modalities are based on touch, the holding that working in water necessitates, brings the receive to a new level of connection and trust. This, combined with the therapeutic benefits of warm water and the greater freedom of movement it encourages, creates a modality that can effect every level of our being.

Aqua Wellness

(formerly called "Oceanic Aqua Balancing") is a kind of bodywork in warm water, developed about 15 years ago from Kaya Femerling and Nirvano Martina Schulz.

It combines elements of light movements and stretching, massage and mobilisation of the articulations of connections with breathing and energetic work conducted both on the surface and underwater.

The specific movements of both techniques allow the spine to move softly and allow your energy to flow naturally. You can experience the healing energies of water in a new way. Physical pain as well as emotional tension may be eased.

It is a journey back to your origins, into the endless blue depth of your inner ocean. You might dive into the wondrous world of memories, of floating weightlessly in the protective womb of your mother.

While receiving Aqua Wellness you dive right back into that very space where you were surrounded by soft warm water.

Aqua Wellness invites you to experience again the nurturing qualities of being held and loved, and to rediscover trust, peace within yourself, and a sense of homecoming.

A Session in Aqua Wellness


It starts with a relaxation phase on the water surface. You will be carried, stretched, massaged, rocked, swayed in soft and effortless way.

When you are deeply relaxed and open to it, the underwater phase begins. You'll receive a soft nose clip that keeps water from entering your nose while you are gently submerged.

Than the gentle dance of your body starts under water where harmonious playful movements develop between 'giver' and 'receiver'. Your breathing rhythm and the one of your Body worker will melt together into one and become a natural flow of energy, an intuitive dialogue.

At the end of the session you will be held in a caring way. Here you will have time to integrate feelings which might have come up during the session.

Aqua Wellness is one of the most sensitive and gentle methods of aquatic therapy that can guide you through states of absolute peace, deep relaxation and feelings. It nourishes the soul and allows you to be able to trust again on a very deep level. It helps you to explore experiences of joy and bliss, lightness of being, celebration and ecstasy.

You will open up to an immense inner space where you can just be yourself, and your senses and your body start to relax and open up - your natural energies will flow again, in and with the water .... You feel softer and more sensitive, and your inner beauty begins to shine.

In addition to the bodywork in water, Aqua Wellness is enriched by the energetic connection with the spirit of the dolphins and whales. The wisdom and inspiration of your dolphin and whale friends will give you the chance to re-discover your own 'inner child' and your own sensitivity. In a very playful way you will be reminded of your original body flow.

My waterfriend Tatiana created this collage to start telling her story:

in english: Back to water  in french: Back to water

Here another beautiful narration of a water session by Masta: Massage in Water

Water Therapy in Cornwall
Facebook page
Water Sessions on YouTube
The Origins of Water

To find out more about Watsu and Aqua Wellness visit Gianni de Stefani's website:

as well as Giovanni Baccarani's site:

Documentary: Therapy Journey into expanded states of being

John's comments after seeing this video. John is one of my regular clients. See more of his sessions here

"An amazing coincidence!
A couple of days ago I was asking myself what happens in a pool session from the receiver's point of view.
Well, the first short dips underwater make you think "This is pleasant!" As the session goes on and the submersions get longer, you feel as if you move into a new mode of existence - something like a parallel universe of peace and contentment. Time stands still, until the session reaches its end. The re-entry to Planet Earth is unwelcome, though made easier by the way our last sessions finished - dips continuing after the nose clip comes off, and me left face down at the steps.
The Harbin Hotsprings video doesn't present quite the same analogy, but I think it's saying very much the same things.
Lol, and roll on the 26th!John "

Further Readings,,,,


Come with me if you will

Imagine yourself …....

to a place of relaxation and bliss.
floating in soft warm water,
feel all the tension and stress
being dissolved
as you lie in this safe,
supportive, and cushioning element.

Now, in this blissful place
a mermaid takes you in her arms,
and you begin a magical journey,
holding you and guiding you
she moves you
between her realm and yours.

Sometimes above the surface
sometimes below
your body becomes light and flexible
and all the time
the water caresses every inch
of your skin with its comforting warmth.

The sensation of the water
flowing over your face
as you glide just beneath the surface
is so calming
that you would like to stay forever
in it’s gentle embrace.

This is a journey of the body
through the realms of the soul,
unlike anything else
except perhaps
a nurturing waking dream.

You have just been experiencing a session of aquatic body work with the beautiful ‘dolphin lady’, Delphiris.
As you can probably guess, I absolutely loved it.
Gilli Bryan

Nikki being frightened of water:

On my way to my treatment I was apprehensive as I have a strong fear of the water and can only just swim to a fashion with my face held high above the water - not very dignified at all! But Delphiris' passion for what she does along with my sense of trust and naturally adventurous spirit gave me the confidence I needed to keep my car headed in the direction of St Just, which incidentally is the direction of the sea. The view of the vast sparkly sea fed my confidence as I drove into St Just and reminded me that I have wanted to be a mermaid ever since I was a little girl. I also felt quite emotional due to a healing experience I had as a teenager whilst sharing a long private moment with a dolphin in captivity at windsor safari park when I was a teenager. I had high hopes for this treatment but also a lot of nerves about stepping into the realm of water and into the unknown.

I could see that Delphiris really couldn't wait to be in the water, which is her element. This served to both encourage me, and to frighten me as inwardly I was thinking 'please be careful with me because I am not like you and I am afraid of this big moving blue sparkly 'pit' in the ground....'

But in Delphiris' arms I felt totally safe, she had given me a nose clip to wear (if I wanted to) which actually made me feel more in control, and she allowed and encouraged me to keep a good hold of her which also made me feel safe. I was determined to let go and let the water speak to me and my body, to just float. As I floated in the water allowing myself to get lower in it my senses just gave themselves over to nothing but the water - I even became unaware of Delphiris herself except for every now and then when my conscious mind felt a small pang of concern about the fact I was IN WATER ARGHHH, which made me resume my hold on Delphiris that I had amazingly relinquished for quite a while.

I really did feel that I had 'Come Home' into the arms of the Great Primordial Mother, the elixir of eternal life, and one of the major sources of healing on this beautiful planet. It was beautiful and I just wanted to be completely open and honest with the water and Delphiris so I could truly give all I had to the healing opportunity. I seriously LOVED every moment of it.

After the treatment there was a little time for some play where I totally amazed myself by going under the water properly with my eyes wide open (wearing goggles) It was as if I truly had entered the world of the mermaids seeing the sunlight through the water. I even chose to keep myself under the water when Delphiris used body language to see if I wanted to come back up..... No words, No talk, we will go Dreaming with the Dolphins.....Blessed Be. I totally recommend it and really look forward to getting in the water with Delphiris again.

Rasa experienced three weekly pool sessions

Read below from her diary:

My first session of water therapy:

I came for the first water therapy with Delphiris. I knew how it is important to trust the therapist to experience the magic of the therapy, so I gave my hands to her, closed my eyes and entrusted my body to her, since then my body senses were awoke. I have enjoyed my body movements in the water.

At the moment I was under the water, at the same time I got the pictures in my head of the foetus in a mummy tummy. It was the best feeling I could ever experienced. I wanted to stay under the water forever.

Well, it was time to breathe in and breathe out, so the foetus picture was changed to a baby one. It was very enjoyable too. Every time I slid away, every time my breathing became deeper and deeper. At the same time my mind and my body was more and more relaxed.

After the therapy I enjoyed the inner calm. It was a great experience.

My second session:

During my second therapy I it took me for a wile to relax my body and let the therapist to take a control of my body, as I was just half an hour after the daily duties. Finally we succeeded and I was ready to experience my senses under the water. This time I was feeling as a ~5 years old girl. I had strange experience: a heartache and I had a sore knee. The pain was temporary, after few exercises it was gone.

After the therapy I have experienced calmness, inner quiet and harmony.

My third session:

It was easy to relax and entrust my body to Delphiris. I was very lazy during the relaxation exercises. When I got under the water, I had a different feeling. Being under the water I wanted to dive, I wanted to take the control and to do everything on my own. Delphiris hand on my heel all the time reminded about the therapy and gradually I could relax and the therapist could continue the therapy.

I ended the therapy in a deep relaxation.   


"The session was a revelation to me.  Although I love being in water I have always had a great fear of putting my face under water – fear of suffocation and drowning. I trusted Delphiris immediately and felt absolute confidence in her ability to hold and take me on a journey.  It felt like a deep let go happened and it felt utterly pleasurable to be taken under the water.

It was a deeply intimate experience – I felt at times like an embryo floating in the womb, a small child in my mother’s arms and then there was a deeper sensation of resonating with something primeval and mysterious within me that felt absolutely natural and free in the water element.

It was as if I were connecting to something very ancient and buried within me, as if my cells were waking up to something which I knew deeply but had forgotten. All of this experience is beyond words really but my being recognised it and it was deeply nourishing and liberating.

I felt blissful and joyful and felt a deep connection with Delphiris."
Kieran, Penzance

Matthew came to his session being a bit wary of water
He reports afterwards:

"It was very relaxing to be with you in the pool. I was able to journey back to the feelings associated with my original trauma in water. That was self revealing and over time with more sessions could be very liberating. I could see that such a process could enable me to be in water swimming and having fun in a place of trust. I enjoyed being held, guided and supported in water. It was both fun and positively confronting.
Love, Matthew


Matthew, his first experience of releasing fear of water




My account of Warm pool Therapy with Delphiris
By Charissa, Nottinghamshire

"I was on my long awaited holiday in Cornwall. I was determined to treat myself to a new complimentary therapy that I hadn't’t tried before as I’ve enjoyed Reiki so much for the past 2 years. After finding her website and leaving the details at home on my Cornish trip the year before, when I forgot the details again this time I spent some time at the campsite trawling the basic internet connection on my boyfriends mobile to find the Reiki Master at Cape Cornwall.

Delphiris explained she had a slot in the warm pool if I wanted to book a session. She explained the therapy is useful to help improve confidence in the water. Timid visions of my humiliating school swimming lessons came to mind and my sense of feeling like a laughingstock in the pool. As she is also a Reiki therapist she explained that this would contribute to the experience as well.
I didn’t quite know what to expect but perhaps if only I could not make prior judgements on events more often life could be better.

When I booked the session I asked Delphiris on the phone if there was anything I could do to prepare. She recommended that I connect with my breath. With a sense of dedication to get the most out of my Cornish holiday and also the session with Delphiris, I spent time on the beach staring into the sea aware of my breath and myself relaxing feeling positive and looking forward to session ahead of me.

I was in a very chirpy friendly mood when I met Delphiris. I felt she had a great steadiness about her. She had big friendly eyes and made me feel very welcome and made sure that we didn’t waste any time getting in the pool as soon as possible. The pool was lovely and warm. She faced me at the side of the pool, I felt like I was in safe hands and that I would hopefully do as much as I could to get as much benefit from the session as possible. Delphiris asked me how comfortable I was in the water. So I told her about my fear of deep water and that I learnt to swim quite late on.

Delphiris asked me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth and calmly and steadily I followed her guidance and bobbed down a bit to breathe out into the water. I enjoyed a childlike sense of fun blowing the bubbles, peeling another layer of the stress from work and a recent biopsy away.

Delphiris noticed that as I came up for air I should try not to gasp and keep my breath more even. I felt like I had already learnt something useful about my response to water. Keeping my breath even, I inhaled air through my nose and let it bubble out of the water through my mouth gently, playfully and calmly.

I felt like I was able to trust Delphiris’s ability in the pool because she observed my breath so intently. She handed me the nose clip and then fitted some floats onto my legs. I did feel a tiny bit nervous but reassured when Delphiris told me just to grab her arm if I felt uncomfortable. Slowly Delphiris guided me further into the pool away from the edge.

Delphiris held my hands and we connected with breath, blowing bubbles into the water calmly and steadily. My eyes closed I was very relaxed.

I was aware that Delphiris had lifted me gently so my feet were swishing around with the rest of me, gracefully swaying as Delphiris guided my movements now. All I had to do was just relax and maintain the link with my breath. Laying in the water, one way, and then the other, like a sleepy rock pool dance of seaweed swishing and swaying as the tide comes in. I felt the water on my face as Delphiris guided me deeper into the water in time to the rhythm of my breath.

Relaxed but not completely, I felt like I was doing better than I thought I would though. Calmly and bravely I let go and let my face swish under the water. I felt happy with myself. I blew some bubbles out. Delphiris bringing me back up for air at just the right time, I gently took in my air with almost a grace. It felt like part of the dance. I felt like I was even more relaxed now.

Most of the time the muscles in my limbs would go soft and floppy as my body was gently swished and swayed around, stretched and pushed together like a concertina, arms and legs worked around in circles. Various muscles did seem to tighten up and resist the movement and then go floppy again. I felt a nice little click in my spine too (which since this I have had no trouble with my lower back which was becoming a concern). I also experienced my jaw tighten with my teeth clenched together briefly. This sensation automatically reminded me of dreams when I feel real pressure in my jaw and unable to open my mouth. This to passed without being a discomfort.

As Delphiris guided me deeper under water in forward and backward tumbles part of me for a brief moment felt like “what’s going on?” but the rest of me was so relaxed I just went with it. When I surfaced I opened my eyes to orient myself and was ready for the next underwater twirl. There became a certain rhythm between my breath and the movements. I didn’t really know which way I was swaying and tumbling. My body guided, head over heels I allowed myself to smile when I surfaced. In fact I couldn't hold it back. A big broad grin. I would have chuckled if I wasn’t so relaxed. I felt surprised by the sense of fun.

My time spent underwater seemed to lengthen each time, tumbling and twisting, arms and legs circling. As I am brought back up for air there is a long pause. I let out the breathe that stayed inside me as we danced, like a sigh. I paused again and slowly drew in fresh air. Every time I came up I couldn’t wait to swirl underwater again. Although deeply relaxed now, I felt playful. I felt like an otter or a seal. Pictures of how they move came to mind.

I saw in my mind’s eye a beautiful pale blue and sometimes shafts of golden sunlight coming into the pool and brightened everything up. The blue glow felt like a tunnel of light to me it was darker around the edges and brighter towards the centre.

As Delphiris guided my movement in different directions and somersault motions I always felt as if I was exploring a tunnel towards a light with otters and seals around me. This was my personal playful experience freely enjoyed whilst I let my right brain run riot free from worry. This all came so easily and I loved it!

I then became aware of myself feeling different. I grabbed my hands together for some reason. I was aware that my face was partly out of the water whilst Delphiris cradled me upright. I felt a strong sense of compassion and care from her. I was aware that I was holding my right fist with my left hand squashed into my face as my head hung low blowing bubbles on the surface of the water. My baby face frowning. Part of me was distantly observing. Surprised and amazed. I understood that I was now a baby or even a foetus state of mind.

I felt a sense of completeness I was also experiencing a mixture of emotions that I couldn’t put into words. The only tangible feeling was of vulnerability and the need to be nurtured. Delphiris held my hands over my heart. The distant observer in me had a voice. I thought “this is really important”. I felt as though I was concentrating on healing for myself and hoped that some of my own Reiki was working with my hands crossed on my heart.

I was vaguely aware of Delphiris gently massaging my face, temples and neck and gently easing out and stretching my arms, whilst gently supporting my back with the wall of the pool and softly speaking me back into the conscious world. Guiding me to breathe in more air breath right down to my feet and let out the air with a smooth aaah haaah haaaah! I laughed out loud with a release.

A great weight lifted from my shoulders. It was a strange gaspy laugh followed by strange gaspy crying perhaps how I would If I’d been sky diving or something like that. My face screwed up with a wave of emotion I hugged smiling Delphiris with such gratitude. I felt deeply moved as if I had been on the best roller coaster, seen the best film ever, and seen the best magic trick ever all rolled into one!

I can recall Delphiris saying something about 45 Minutes not being long enough for me. I felt confused because I felt like I had been in the pool for 15 minutes. When Delphiris was sure I was back on my feet and more grounded, she guided me out of the pool and handed me a big warm blanket and asked me how I was. I wanted to say I needed lots of chocolate and then thought about how I really felt.

I explained how I felt like I’d really been through something and that I felt so surprised by the effects of the session. I shared my feeling of release with Delphiris. I said I’m not sure what I did release though. Delphiris explained this was an unconscious release. At this point I knew I didn’t have to analyze this and accept the experience for what it was. I feel so grateful for this experience and look back with a profound happiness that this was a turning point, a milestone on my way to a better, happier, and healthier me.

Now I’m back home and I’ve had time to contemplate, I just keep thinking what an amazing experience this was, to feel so safe in the water and be lulled into such a deep deep state of relaxation and awareness. I’m filled with delight by extraordinary memories of being in an almost foetus like state that I really didn’t want to leave. I enjoy with glee the mental pictures of swirling through an illuminated sea tunnel with seals and otters as though they were long lost kin in a playground and savour the memories and sensations of gracefully somersaulting underwater as Delphiris guided my body as if I were a kite.

I’m still amazed how it went so quickly.
I’ve had a greatly varied and interesting life, I’ve over come 5 years of chronic pain with Reiki which has profoundly changed my life and even so, I’ve never been so deeply moved. I imagine it must be a similar feeling to when you first see your own child come into the world. I know with this experience I have certainly found deep healing for my soul.

This leaves me a different view of the human body. How the human body can respond to the stimulus of the therapy as if it’s designed to be able to respond, as naturally as our teeth are designed to chew food, as naturally as our eyes are designed to perceive, as naturally and easily as the body responds to getting nourishment from food!
By Charissa, Nottinghamshire

Please find attached a picture of my beaming grin that my other half took right after the session. So it’s plain to see the effect the aqua healing touch had on me":

"Morning Mrs Dolphin!!!
Well, Alicia was knocked out by your session - absolutely loved it and really wished she was here longer to have more!!! And she's done every body therapy and relaxation thing there is, so she knows really good when she sees it !!!
I knew you would be good but I am really chuffed to hear how good!
Luv Yats,impressed!!!!"   XXX   June 2009
"I felt like an embryo in a safe and wonderful surrounding - being born again. I can't get enough of it".
Jhani de Baer,  2004
"Hi! I'm John. Spina bifida has given me a partly paralysed leg that keeps me in a wheelchair most of the time. Getting out of it causes discomfort, especially in the hips, back, and shoulders. Delphiris uses Water Massage as I float on the surface, to flex, extend and move my limbs in all directions and make them more supple.
Next, Aqua Healing Touch emphasises freeing the body in water. We use various exercises and movements to re-connect to the water in a natural way. By focusing on a special way of breathing, being submerged is made effortless. After a session with Delphiris I am relaxed and refreshed both physically and mentally, and the effects last some weeks. An example that shows the excellence of her treatment is a man with a walking disability who flies from Ireland twice a year to be treated."

see here:

Delphiris's aquatic therapy helps the disabled



Camilla receives water massages fortnightly.
" I enjoy the water sessions very much. Every time it is different. Going under water (upside down) I feel like a fish. It is unknown water I can explore. For some people it is challenging to go under water, but I like it. It looks like another world, I would like to discover. I would like to discover myself. It is good for my health."
Camilla, Andy's sister-in-law. (see Aqua Healing Touch for his testimonial)
Elli has received water sessions almost weekly over the last three months.
"All that Andy and Camilla said I agree. The most important thing I feel is, that it helps to improve myself. Since we came swimming here several months ago, I could not put my face under water. I was unsure, head only up. Now I feel confident to put it under water. When I swim now, my head is under water at ease. I improve mentally, emotionally and physically. I never had my eyes open under water before. Now I have my eyes open ! It is a different world, everything is bright ! I love the water so much now, that Delphiris has decided to take me underwater too. I experience being an embryo - being held upside down, ready to be born. Each session continues with lengthening my under water experience. Fantastic!".
Elli, Andy's wife.
Aqua Healing Touch
"Though a confident swimmer I was unable to put my face underwater and was terrified of it going up my nose. After several sessions under Delphiris' patient guidance I was swimming face down for the sheer joy of it - it felt like a mermaid ! - Through breathing exercises and games Delphiris taught me that water is fun."
About massage: " Peaceful, soothing, caressing - aqua massage is pure relaxation........mmmmmm - close your eyes and drift away".
Cindy Pearce.
More feedback, click here
Finally the second book is out and available to buy