Retreats and Breakaways
Nourish Body and Soul in Cornwall by the Atlantic Ocean

A couple of days, a long weekend, or a full week to unwind in the most breathtaking and beautiful part of West Cornwall.

(see review from Natural Health magazine here)
Offer One: Inner Healing Journey Retreat
Reconnecting to self, wholeness and aliveness

Delphiris' Healing Touch Program will be tailored to your personal needs. Prior meeting we discuss and agree on a TOPIC or ISSUES you like to work with.

We meet - for a total of five sessions - daily for about one to one and a half hours for our 'Inner Healing Journey'. This includes a consultation by email/ telephone and at our first meeting.
Some sessions will be one-to-one, some might be in a group, depending what is available at the time. Please call for itinerary.


Throughout this Journey we will use the Essence of the Ocean for Self Transformation, see Ocean Therapy and receive physical nurturing.
(see below)

Alternatively you can choose to receive five treatments only with a combination of meditations (indoors and/or around sacred sites) and yoga/pilates classes.
(Extra sessions available on request)


This retreat offer involves working with me on a daily basis. If you are looking for relaxation only than please enquire for the two day break or keep surfing the net to find a place where you can just chill out for a week without a program. Thank you.

Tools we might use:

Meditations, sound healing, breath work, guided imagery, personal counseling,
sea-shells and aura healing.

You will also experience physical nurturing through:

and/or if available (in groups):
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Vipassana meditation


Everyone's Journey is different and tailored to your needs we use various methods to become aware of your own resources. Inspired by the ocean and its inhabitants I facilitate and suggest to get in touch with your inner knowledge and wisdom we all carry.

I help to integrate the changes on all levels in a supportive way. I assist you to become aware of your self-responsibility, bring you to a space where you can decide if you want to change your situation.

Rather than becoming co-dependant in Ocean Therapy we are facilitators - like midwives - to help you birthing a positive way to be.


Staying in a rural, very quiet and peaceful area, near St. Just, Penzance, Cornwall, you become alive:


Feeling the elements,
breathing in the nourishing ions of the ocean,
meditating on the sun setting in the water,
watching the amazing starry night sky,
maybe dolphins passing by,
meeting the local seals ...

An evening by 'The Brisons' at Cape Cornwall

Dates available during summertime
Cost - Offer One
Your investment for this break away will be:
  • Train fare to Penzance, than bus/taxi transfer to Cape Cornwall.
  • B&B;: next door, about �30-£60 per night.
  • Plus Retreat: £235. You receive five sessions, incl. consultation.
  • (For smaller pockets: At time of booking you can choose instead four sessions for £200, or three sessions for £175)
  • Optional extra sessions £45 each, ask for various options and availability. (Please note: cost of the Retreat is additional to any B&B)
  • Optional extra, follow up session by email and telephone £45 payable at time of booking Retreat.
  • One week including daily morning or evening sessions.
  • Long weekend; meeting Friday late afternoon, morning and  evening sessions.
  • Can be offered during the week as well.

Please call Delphiris for availabilities and to make arrangements for a non-refundable deposit of �150 to be transferred to secure your space, stating which option you would like to take.
How to make a booking
Prior meeting I like to have a chat with you.

Offer Two: Two-Days-Break-Away in Cape Cornwall

Relaxation & pampering, nourishing body, mind & soul

The sound of the ocean - clean air - massage & healing

due to basic space for individuals only


Your break-away will include:

Cost - Offer Two
Your investment for this break away will be:
  • Train fare to Penzance, than bus/taxi transfer to Cape Cornwall.
  • Cost of stay at my cottage including two treatments:
    �160 per person (May - Oct)
    �175 per person (Nov - Apr)
  • Optional extras:

    If you like to stay longer, add £40 per night to your investment.

    If you like extra treatments, add £45 per treatment.


Please call Delphiris for availabilities and to make arrangements for a non-refundable deposit of £100 to be transferred to secure your space.


My home with our newcomer 'Simba' 9 weeks on 28 Sep 2011
(smallest kitten, biggest bag of course) and 'Cherie' (l) & 'Tiffany' (r) both 17 in 2011

Leaflets for treatments and retreats

Please note:

Prices vary throughout the X-mas and New Year's season (between 23rd December and 3rd January) as well as during Easter (Good Friday till Easter Monday).


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The sea is sounding around my house... calling me, calling me...
My heart opens up; my soul is yearning like never before.
It is a lousy sort of day, almost foggy, very grey sky, nippy and windy. But my heart is yearning, yearning, on and on....
Packed in my ski suit for warms I wander down the Cape, following a path I have not entered before.
There she is, the sea coming towards me. A colour display like not seen before.
The whole bay is white, lucent jade colour swirls around. Gently the waves coming into the bay, long stretched, leisurely moving inwards towards me.
Yet, in the distance very powerful white avalanche waves are crashing down. You can't make up the horizon, where does the sky end and the sea begin?



The fog engulfs the ocean. A view to the left a magical moment appears. Throughout the grey sky just above the chimney of the Cape a triangular cut has formed and the sun tries to find her way through the misty clouds. The scenery turns absolutely magical, misty, and eerie. What breath taking beauty. It does not have to be sunny and warm. The sea calls you any given moment.

"Seize the moment, follow your heart.
Live! Feel! Saturate yourself with this unexplainable beauty.
Feel it now, it will never be the same again.
Yet there will be other moments.
Breath in the sea, breath in the moment, experience the peace, be the peace.
Now, right now.
This is where you make a difference, right now in these moments of uncertainty.
Each of us can make a difference by being peace, feeling peace, not out there, but within.
Find something to feel, to nurture yourself and you will nurture the world".
"It is time; it is time to do the work. To live, fully live, feel and share" !

Cape Cornwall

Cape Cornwall is the only Cape in England.

Road to the Cape                                                    Invigorating waves by the Cape          

Boswedden Mill is one of the few hand built barns in Cape Cornwall, totally secluded from other houses, just a B&B; across the path if you like to check in there.
From there, where I live, you walk towards the most spectacular views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Down Kenidjack                                                       View towards Land's End

You pass the Golf & Leisure Club (if available your B&B; with full use of their facilities: gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, pool....), surrounded by bronze age settlements and old time workings from the last century.

Golf Club                                                                    Botallack near St. Just

The next village - actually it is a town - is a few moments walk away: St. Just.
Once the centre of mining in the district it has retained much of its original character. Granite, slate-roofed houses cluster around the old market square whose friendly shops and pubs form the heart of this historic town. Frequent buses take you to Penzance and St. Ives etc.

It is a perfect centre point to explore the rest of the magnificent Peninsula. Cape Cornwall is the most breathtaking site with its many coves.



The power of the Ocean's waves coming towards you, passing the many rock formations is truly heart opening.
You can watch from afar or walk straight to the water's edge. Just spending time sitting on top of the Cape and feeling the magnificent surroundings helps you to reconnect what really is important in life.

Down by the Cape

Having only spent an afternoon here before I moved I felt all the doors opening for me, knowing I need to share with you this incredible place; encourage you to take a break out of your busy life in the city.
A truly powerful place to be initiated into Reiki, explore other treatments, release fear of water, retreat..... to become whole and alive.

Sunset over the 'The Brisons'                        Down by the Cape, view towards Land's End        
Down the Cape via video   part one       part two
West Cornwall

This is a land of mystery and magic.
Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream the area supports a rich abundance of exotic flora and fauna which in conjunction with the deep blue of the ocean gives it a distinctly tropical dimension.
The whole of the area's coastline is part of the heritage Coast, totally unspoiled, ideal for walking, exploring, enjoying.
Surfing, cycling, riding, theatre is all available within a couple of miles of Cape Cornwall and can be arranged by the Golf & Country Club.

Sennen Cove is nearby one of the best surfing beaches in Britain with tuition available.
Other places worth visiting are St. Ives, St Michael's Mount near Penzance and the famous Mousehole.


Next to Sennen Cove                                         St. Michael's Mount, near Penzance  


Just five hours direct train from London (£14 each way, when booked in advance) leads us to this breath taking place.

I feel like I am living in another country.

Facing the fear
I am only able to share this with you for having faced my fear.
My work is now to share; guide you on your path awaken you to experience what life has to offer to you, that it can open unlimited doors for you.
I was so frightfully scared to leave London (I tried for 10 years!) all my financial security was there. How could I possibly break away from it.
Leave everything behind
The last straw and only way was to face the fear.
I invite you to come over to Cape Cornwall and explore different ways to become balanced, whole and alive!
What visitors have said about this retreat...

Amanda: "We came as a couple and Delphiris sensitively balanced our needs both as individuals and as a couple. Her methods are non-judgemental and gently enabled me to see I was avoiding confronting certain issues about myself. The physical treatments, including Indian Head Massage and Reiki, were a wonderful compliment to the exercises we did and I've come back feeling like I've taken another valuable step on my journey."

Wolfie: "Tagging initially along for Cornwall's scenery and 'just a nice weekend away', I was convinced by Delphiris personal and flexible approach. I really enjoyed the talks, the exercises, the games and the treatments. Thanks for some fantastic days and the food for thought that came with it."
Amanda and Wolfie, Buckinghamshire


"Wow! what a fantastic retreat! i had great expectations of this retreat but Delphiris surpassed all of them. Firstly, I arrived in wet and windy weather and she took me straight down to the sea. That was my introduction to the Cape. Then she fed me delicious mexican garlic bread and aubergine and potato salad with herbal tea. The reiki was out of this world as were all the other treatments. I learned a lot from the meditation classes as well - how to slow down and control my breathing. The chavutti thai massage was an experience - strange at first but then somehow wonderful. All in all a fantastic Easter weekend and excellent value for money (think abundance). Also staying with Niki next door was an absolute delight."
Michelle, London


"I booked a five day retreat with Delphiris, at the time because I had a very stressful year and needed some time to recuperate. However, just before I was due to go, I had a sudden bereavement of someone important in my life whom I love very dearly. I was in quite a state when I arrived. Delphiris was very in tune, adaptable and helpful through all of this, she somehow just seemed to find the ideal things to do with me, to help me with what I was going through. She treated me with great kindness, integrity and generosity. What we did ranged from Reiki, Thai massage, guided meditations, sound /shell healing, breathing exercises, aqua-therapy in the pool and a special day of ceremony honouring my loved one. I also went on some lovely coastal walks. All of this helped thoroughly and profoundly, during a very critical time. Delphiris has a way of bringing heart and inspiration into everything - creating a very refreshing take on life - an absolute treasure. "
Luy, London


"I spent 5 days on a healing retreat with Delphiris which was completely amazing, through guided meditation and treatments and council I have found a happy balance in my life again. The setting was beautiful and Delphiris makes you feel completely welcome and inspired. Whilst there I also incorporated a 2 day Reiki course which I undertook towards the end of my retreat which has given me skills I can share with my friends and family and also given me tools I can use to combat stress and heal and balance me. I 100% recommend this retreat to anyone. Also on her web page it has a list of accommodation close by, I stayed with her neighbour who made me completely welcome. Go do it, it will enhance your life."
Claire Beresford, Manchester, January 2009


"It's definitely been my best investment this year! Delphiris has been a great help at a time when I felt lost. The environment is amazing, and the treatments were specific to my needs. I’ve also learnt techniques to carry on my healing journey. I felt Delphiris has been very helpful in directing and accompanying me in an important time in my life, and I am very glad I requested her help. I came back relaxed, focused and very optimistic. I strongly recommend it as i'll go back there as soon as I need it again!"
Mathilde, London, 2008


"This is an excellent space to slow life down for a while and explore and create my journey. Delphiris is a special woman and her nurturing and warmth made my stay even more amazing. I did the two day break away which included two amazing therapies! Thank You :)"
Sabina, London. 2007


"I had a wonderful week at St Just in Cornwall seeing Delphiris every day for amazing treatments tailored to suit my needs.She is an amazing women with such a lovely calmness within her that truly inspired me to trust in nature and to look within for the answer, love Ruth x"
Ruth Hier, Cheltenham


'I had a wonderful healing retreat with Delphiris. I was made to feel very welcome from the outset and her home was beautifully placed for such glorious walks. We did some great journey work together and I felt totally at peace when I left. Can't wait to go back!'
Lisa, London

An example of a 'success story':

In our initial phone conversationwith Sue we established the topics to work on: her husband suffering from depression, Sue still unable to conceive after a few miscarriages.

Nervous to start with as they have never been on a retreat before I put them at ease beginning with a light wholesome meal and a chat to break the ice. With the more in-depth information I received over dinner I was able to put together a program that would aid them to re-connect to their inner wisdom, give them practical goals to work with on their return home.

In our first session we focused on various breathing techniques to relax and calm them both, i.e. ‘the dolphin breath’.

We met for two intensive days, our morning sessions jointly for example using various guided visualisations to express their visions on paper working from a space of inner calm, rather from a head space; using cetacean sounds, shell healing to bring them to a place to explore their full potential of a harmonious partnership/family, making them aware what is holding them back on their path; exploring their fears and how to release them.

The evening sessions were 1-2-1, receiving healing, massage or work in the pool. Please read below the testimonial of Sue and Phil, who expressed how they felt after the retreat. We stayed in touch and several months later I received an email of their good news that Sue was seven months pregnant, followed later on by pictures of proud parents

Here their feedback directly:

"My husband and I decided to try this retreat after a stressful and somewhat emotionally draining 3 years. Both of us were 'running on empty' and were in great need of some time out. Neither of us having attended a retreat before we were a little nervous about what to expect but we need not have worried. Delphiris met us on our first night and immediately put our minds at rest. She discussed with us what we hoped to get out of our time on the retreat and then set about designing a program for us, working with us both together and and as individuals. We were introduced a variety of therapies and meditations which were truly healing and we have now returned home feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Our first taste of a retreat was only made better by Delphiris herself who is quiet and unassuming and is a great person to get to know. "
Sue and Phil, Surrey

I emailed Sue and asked if it would be ok to write about their experience.
This was Sue's reply:

"Hi Delphiris,
Of course you can use the success story! I think that so many people are told negative things by ‘experts’ which they just accept or alternatively they are not encouraged to think positively so we would be happy to share! I think our success story is hopefully inspiring and anyone else who has given up should think again! I’m absolutely positive that the success stemmed from a mixture of positive thinking and alternative therapies such as acupuncture especially as the doctors practically wrote us off! It all happened naturally and at age 43 too! Please do use the story and spread the news that we can be in control of our own destinies. Thank you so much for the relaxing and wonderful week we spent with you. It was a healing experience. We hope to come again sometime to visit and show off our little angel! In the meantime, here are another couple of pictures!
All the best, Love
Susan, Phil and of course, Georgina xxxxxxx"

Venture to Castle Rock, a glorious February day:





Venture along the coast, from Land's End to Nanjizal:





Along the Coast in the Mist:





X-mas: we are open

New Year: we take bookings NOW to secure your space between 29th December and 3rd January.