About Me - Delphiris
A few impressions at a glance
Delphiris (pronounced: delf-eye-ris)

Delphiris, a Bodyworker and Healer, offers to be a 'midwife' to assist your journey to Self-Wholeness-Aliveness.

She offers a partnership working together with you, using the essence of the Ocean to create positive transformations in your life.

Reiki Healing & Training

After having managed successfully for five years the Centre for Reiki Healing & Training Delphiris embarked on her own individual journey since 2002, having created "Healing Touch".

A program that offers a variety of therapies, training and retreats, exclusively tailored to your needs. She has been involved in Reiki since 1994.

Photos about Delphiris giving and receiving treatments

Leaving the smoked filled city of London behind Delphiris gives people the opportunity to recharge their batteries in affordable ways. Cape Cornwall, what better place to experience Reiki attunements, learn Indian head Massage, receive treatments and explore various offers by the sea.
Being surrounded by nature, feeling the silence, or even the stormy winds, breathing in the ocean's healing ions will enhance your treatments, training and your general well-being, true nourishment for both body and soul!

The Dolphin Lady
My life's calling began while swimming with wild dolphins several years ago. Their sonar went through my entire body like electricity, touching the centre core of my being. I became so alive, bathing in the essence of the dolphins and their remarkable healing powers. These memories kept my dream alive to one day live by the sea near the dolphins.
Top left: view onto Porth Curno
The call of Cape Cornwall !
A magnificent peninsula surrounded by turquoise blue clear waters and its dolphin energy brought me to the Cape. Being able to feel nature with all five senses remind me daily of the purpose I came here to fulfil.
Clean air, peace and the sound of sea waves make each moment here pure bliss; a vital, energetically infused and inspired setting for my work as an Ocean Therapist, Body worker and Healer.
Here I can bring the ocean's essence to people in way that will assist personal growth, harmony and ease, so that they may live like dolphins do, free of emotional baggage, living in the here and now, joyous, happy, and playful.
Dolphin Energy
Ocean Therapy works with the essence of the ocean and the dolphins. Using tools acquired through personal experience, I engage the magical and positive approaches to life. Our evolutionary relationship with water makes it a powerful tool to enhance one's life.
Freedom from Fear
When we truly embrace any fear that holds us back in life (fears are often disguised as anger, hurt or frustration), we can set ourselves free.
Free to feel, free to see and free to live with all the wonders life has to offer.
As I have been guided to be in Cornwall, I like to share the magic and the beauty this land holds.
Angelic moment in the sky
The Power of the Ocean
Water has the power to heal. Being surrounded by the sea, away from pollution and the madness of the city rush is so nourishing for the body and soul, that I would like to give everyone the opportunity to experience the unique joy found in this astoundingly beautiful and healing environment.
Abandoning the city for a few days, affirmed by the beauty of Cornwall can make any treatment or training even more empowering and memorable.
Imagine being initiated into Reiki with the power of ocean waves beside you, energizing and celebrating this blessed event, the wind caressing your face as you receive the sacred attunements.
Learn the skills of Indian Head Massage, and nourish yourself after training with walks along the sandy beach or rock pools. Allow me to help you release your fear of water in the local warm swimming pool.
You can also experience blissful relaxation during a water massage. Or... just come along for a pampering break with a choice of treatments.
Take in the breath-taking scenery by indulging in guided coastal walks catered to your fitness level. Natural Cornwall has so much to offer. Let me be your personal guide discovering secret coves, sacred places, views of incredible beauty found on guided coastal walks and an opportunity to spot local dolphins and seals.
Cape Cornwall on a stormy November day
Time stands still
I am thrilled to share all that nature offers locally, experiences desperately neglected in the city. You will feel an amazing personal freedom, as if time is standing still.
This expansive space allows you to get back in touch with your real needs and true self. Give yourself that safe space to experience intuitive, self-empowering, healing journeys sure to reconnect you to your Self, Wholeness and Aliveness.
My greatest joy is facilitating yearly adventures of swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas, New Zealand and other exciting places.
Seeing wild dolphins is a sacred experience in itself, but swimming with them? That is fantastically magical, and it completely transforms people's lives.
A new Calling
Nov 2009

For seven years I have now lived in Cape Cornwall and since beginning of the year my greatest wish to enhance my water therapy sessions in a WARM swimming pool has been answered. Throughout this year I felt so blessed having had the chance to facilitate great transformations in people having received one or more sessions.

(Specially read up on John's amazing development here)

I personally got in touch with my dormant mermaid, not realizing just how very much I love to receive under water sessions myself, so much so I could easily see myself moving down there to live! I am now embarking on my very first trip to India to learn more about the different modalities of aquatic body work. Although I have already included several in my treatments now the time has come to be 'certified' under the tutelage of the well known teachers Xavier Boisson and Gianni de Stefani.
I am very excited to be able to add soon 'watsu' and 'aqua wellness' in my program. Making such a commitment for five weeks, leaving my family of two remaining felines (we were four when we left London) behind for that duration is nerve wrecking and challenging, not to mention what awaits me during such a long journey. (I have not yet booked my final destination flight, but will do so on the day when arriving in Mumbai!)

I have not done such a jump since I left London behind. However, no matter what worry and fear was initially holding me back I realized I need to fully TRUST once again in the process and surrender to all the experiences that come along. And they sure did, not even having left Cornwall I was being challenged massively again and again.

At the time of writing I have one week left before take-off and I shall continue writing about my adventures on my return end of this year.

My friend Geraldine wrote on November 17th:
"Hi I read your article and for what its worth you are an inspiration to me, you have achieved so much and focused on really being true to yourself and i think that's wonderful.
You are a beautiful soul and am so glad I know you.
Lots of love, have a wonderful time, xxx"
Much later; you can now find out how above trip went in my latest book called:
"The Mermaiden of Cornwall..."
January 2010

I am back.......    What an amazing life enriching time I had!



Food for the soul - welcoming presents by Xavier Boison during our stay

see www.watsugoa.com for more informations.

Healing CDs
Being a water rat myself and having been exposed to "live" dolphin sound healing I like to enhance my healing work with dolphin sounds. I created a meditation CD
"Dance of the Dolphin"
where I retell my own experience of encountering dolphins as a guided meditation.

Dolphin Sound Healing

For my finishing project to qualify in Ocean Therapy I chose the subject "cetaceans and healing".
My title was "Dolphin sound healing without getting wet feet".
I researched into the possibility how effective dolphin sound healing can be during a virtual journey. See my book 'The dolphin lady'.
"My vision is to combine water massage with liquid light using dolphin sounds and light effects under water".

Water Sessions on YouTube

Delphiris the Mermaid

Aquatic therapy by Delphiris helps the disabled

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Shell Healing with Meg

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Water Therapy at Boswedden in Cornwall

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Heart Space

After my recent self-published '21 day journey of Self nurturing' book Embrace Life with a Smile in your Heart I created a new Heart Space on Face book offering weekly quotes I am creating.

Delphiris YouTube Channel

If any of these programs resonate with you.
Please call me on 0845 458 0278 (local rate) or 01736 786018

On Castle rock

Life is a learning playground.
Follow your heart !
No regrets !
Stand still to smell the roses along the way !
Enjoy life !


Featured in the following

Delphiris has been featured in "Spirit & Destiny" magazine June2003

in the "Complimentary Medical Associations's" magazine 2001,

in "Health and Fitness" magazine November 2001.
Delphiris' has been featured in 'best and worst of God' - BBC1

Vic Reeves, October 2005.

"It's Fate", May 2010
The latest review can be found in the 'Natural health Magazine, June 2014 issue
you can read the article here
"In your case you have no ego and are so kind and intuitive, a natural healer and good natured -- a light being. You care about your friends and help those in ways that make them feel important. You are fun to be with, a good shopper and great cook, easy to teach things and happy and healthy. Everyone who meets you comes away of having bettered their lives, like me for instance. You have helped save my life, to become more healthy, and am forever grateful".
Darren, Canada, designer, wood's man, keeper of the fire
"Inspiring, empowering, strong and compassionate. Delphiris has a natural gift to look within her clients and discover the star inside everyone. Drawing from eons of mystic knowledge she uses her natural affinity of the sea to bring the spirit of the ocean to every day life".
Lynne, journalist, mother
"I trust Delphiris. When I first met her, I found her so approachable and easy to talk to about anything! You can feel comfortable sharing your darkest fears, and be real with Delphiris. Her resonance with the dolphins is her special gift, and it smiles through all of her work. This is a unique lady and it is a privilege to know her".
Annie, artist, designer, healer
"Dear Delphiris
Thank you once again for your gentle, healing Reiki yesterday. It has had a very positive effect on me, which I am sure will remain with me.
You have created a beautiful environment at your cottage, and your welcome is healing in itself. I have been reading your book, which I am finding inspiring! I admire so much your courage to pursue what is right for your spirit, and I hope it goes from strength to strength. I will be remembering you, bearing you up to the divine Spirit, whose presence you mediate so well.
Hopefully I will be back soon (perhaps with my wife Tricia) and if so hope to see you then. Meanwhile, true blessings".

A very special Thank You

to my friend Annie Zalezsak who since I met her has urged me to make Ocean Therapy known to everybody.
Her endless input with her compassionate graphic design work deserves a special notice.
Annie also creates aura and chakra pictures with readings, and Spirit/angel paintings with channeled messages.

Enjoy Life - Have Fun!
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