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"Heart Space – Simply Be"
is a photographic journey of 365 days of gently nudging wisdom.

Combining her passion of seeing Nature through the eyes of a photo lense, while listening to her Heart's whispers Delphiris shares collected quotes and own musings in this photo day book. (E-book)


As in her last book 'Embrace Life with a Smile in your Heart' Delphiris authentically reveals her own journey, the ups and downs of her own Heart, her troubles, her joys.

Maybe you too find yourself in there as at the end of the day
We are all One, we are all connected with our Hearts.
365 Sights, 365 thoughts, 365 new beginnings. Simply be - begin!

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"This has the joyous voice of your early Reiki Trainings. You have found your Soul connection again and joyously remind us of our own."

Lynne Sims

I finished the lovely book. It holds such warmth and life and is full of simple wisdom - which is the very best sort.
I love the idea of combining words and pictures. In the vast majority it works really well and it congruent. It's a lovely "dip in" book which could be opened randomly almost like angel cards. Well done for making it- the world is lucky to have you in it.

"Embrace Life with a Smile in your Heart"
A Booklet - 21 Day Journey to reconnect to your Heart fully
This Booklet was inspired by Tiffany's departure in 2013. Her last journey spread so much Love into many people's Hearts, that Delphiris felt guided to create a 21 day Journey of Self Nurturing.
To find your own Heart connection may encourage you to en-lighten on a daily basis in often challenging situations of what life might throw at you.
With a Smile in your Heart anything is possible!
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A Percentage of this booklet goes to Felines in need.
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"I began  the 21 day journey on April 1st- All Fools Day - with the stern intention to progress through day by day in my usual disciplined way.

It all unravelled on Day 1...Letting go :

I realised that no-one but me set these rules and I needed to spend more time on this page than a day. So I did as I was bid and Let Go of that straight away. It led to an opening and a letting go of old miseries which I'd held onto like treasure.

I cut off my long hair which had tethered me for over 40 years- partly in temper, but that was a letting go too. As I moved haltingly through the book I was able to integrate the ideas into heartspace instead of just headspace.

Like a miracle I was able to acknowledge a great hurt I had received without feeling a need to fix it or respond by giving hurt back.

This little book is a goldmine of simplicity and love. I bless Delphiris for manifesting it just when it was needed."  J.S. in Cornwall


"Being new to the concepts in this book, my eyes have truly been opened to how much I have neglected my self awareness and my own being.
Chapter by chapter you are invited to open your heart, mind and soul to the beauty of everyday things all around you.
Delphiris gently guides you through each stage so that it is easy to follow and to absorb, even for a beginner. The breathing techniques are especially beneficial, learning how to give yourself a sense of peace and well-being, before going on and learning the next step of meditation.
Gradually Delphiris leads you to discovering what you need for yourself.
A lovely book. This book truly is food for the heart, mind and soul!
Delphiris opens your eyes so you appreciate many things in your world, everyday things but you were too world-weary to look at.
I think the book is amazing. I get pictures of a big golden lion's head and a big golden sunflower head in great detail when I am learning the "picturing".


"The Dolphin Lady" Book

A Book about Dolphins, Shells, Sounds and Healing

As people’s fascination with Dolphins continues to grow, "The Dolphin Lady" offers realisations of the actual, a relationship that is open to whoever dares!

"The Dolphin Lady" shows how minor setbacks and changes in lifestyle and direction are never negative and can be realised as joyous standing stones to aid and direct the personal journey. No matter how tested one feels or challenged by setbacks, Delphiris's story displays a refreshing way to see life, finding positive reasons to remain on the path of true meaning.
This book is therapeutically all encompassing.


Find out about Breath and Sound therapy, natural remedies such as Essiac/Aloe Vera and the very special and unique Ocean Therapy.
Enter the personal journey; learn about swimming with wild dolphins and read a research paper on the very powerful sound healing!

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"Last year, I received your book 'The Dolphin Lady' as a gift from a
teacher of mine and was so inspired by it that it helped me take steps
to finish my own story which I have now completed the manuscript for and
now hope to self-publish.
I wanted to express my gratitude to you for sharing your story
openly in the world. I think when we share our personal and sacred
experiences with each other we never know what aspect of what we share
will touch or inspire another, but I am truly grateful for having been
able to read your story, learn about your discoveries, add them to my
own and be encouraged to share my own with others.
Thank you for sharing your amazing work!
Miss M." (note: name removed to respect privacy)

"I am about done reading your book "Dolphin Lady": it is absolutely amazing! Thank you for writing it.
Reading your book was such a wonderful and unique experience: I had tears in my eyes when I was reading the guided meditation at the end of the book. I've always loved ocean so the entire idea of swimming with dolphins in wilderness sounds the best treat I can ever have. One of the things my daughter and I want to do in life is to join a group you are organizing and swim with dolphins."
Svetlana from Utah, USA

Libby Layne, Author of 'Sound of the Dolphin's Psalm'  is mentioned in my book. Here is her email to me after she read my book:

"Dear dolphin Lady,
Received your book several days ago and i have browsed through, delighted at your writing, feeling as if we are back visiting the 'dolphin dome conference. There is so much of your bubbly personality in your writing and I was so touched that you said my own book was your 'favourite'. Interesting that my own words, re-written in your book, take on new meaning. Am really pleased that what I learned will be passed on to help others I may never meet. Like Horace's snowball effect the snowman just keeps getting bigger - on and on it rolls. Want to have a serious read of your book, really digest what you are doing but wanted to let you know how pleased I am for you."
later. ....
"Finished reading your book and truly enjoyed it. I particularly loved your description of your night swim. After all my years of swimming with the dolphins, I had my very first night swim last summer - I had the sonar bath of my life!
Am so excited that you took what I have learned in my study and my own research and added your own to it. We all know that none of this belongs to us, but are only privileged to become part of the journey. Thank you for being part of mine.
Much love Libby Layne"


Images by: Alice Skiver

The second book is available to buy directly from the Author:
"The Mermaiden of Cornwall..." 
The Mermaiden shares her evolving water journey, diving forever deeper and further down - back into that infinite space of true belonging, where we all once felt safe before. Taken those experiences from the in-depth encounters back onto land to than share with you - offering to be a 'midwife' to assist your own journey to Self-Wholeness-Aliveness.

Find out how safe you can feel again in and under water, too - being floated in a warm pool, maybe being supported by the dolphins' sonar. Enter the personal journey; learn about various aquatic bodywork modalities and read a research paper on the very powerful sound healing! Find out how you can experience the nurturing received in water back on land via Tantsu. Ride the wave of the 528 LOVE vibration. In 'The Mermaiden' Delphiris shares her whirlwind journey of new insights - what happens when you ask for divine guidance and than find yourself being guided very synchronistically to all that matters the most.

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"...As I worked on the book I went through a week of vivid dreams and felt as if I ad some profound healing. I think it's current pattern has a very powerful vibration."
Lynne Sims, who proof read the book

"What an amazing read this book is. I had the honour of meeting Delphiris in October 2010 for the Tantsu and Systemic Yoga weekend plus I had an aquatic Session with her. Everything I read in this book had taken me back to what I experienced with her and it was a joy to read."
Jeff M Liverpool

The Great Life of Snowmini

Find this enchanting photo-graphic story, written and photographed on a cold winter's day.

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This is the continuing photographic story of snow mini. In the beginning it was titled 'The sad life of snow mini' but in fact it appears to be a GREAT life! Snow mini makes so many people happy, bringing a smile to their faces!... The story shows how SnowMini deals with living from moment to moment of his short life, all depending on the weather.