Affirmation by Sunset

Give thanks, for the day ...
The Sun sets, but will rise again ...
This moment, say goodbye to your fears, your mistakes, your worries ...
They melt into the sea with the sun.
You are reborn.
You are new.

Lynne Sims


Meditation by Sunset  (by Delphiris)

In the evenings I walk down to the Cape about half an hour before sunset.

Living in such a beautiful place, having the opportunity to witness the sun setting into the sea I slowly began to realise that I was taking everything for granted after just living here for a few months.

Only when I get phone calls from friends less fortunate I remember how fortunate I am. Therefore I try to take time out to actually show my gratitude of my fortune.

Even if you live nowhere near the sea you still will have opportunities to greet the sunsets somewhere were you live. This is a lovely ritual for giving thanks. Our lives might not seem quite so positive at times yet we always can find something to be grateful for. Sometimes it takes a little bit of thinking about it to actually find anything positive, yet there is plenty. The more we can be grateful for the more we can fill ourselves with the wonders of life.

I sit down comfortable, always on my favourite "sun set spot", start becoming aware of my breath, of my posture, of my whole being. I just focus on breathing slowly and deeply. With every in breath I inhale the beautiful golden, red, orange rays of the setting sun, filling my whole being with light.
Becoming more and more relaxed I begin to "scan" the days events briefly and take a moment to give thanks for the opportunities given to learn lessons. No matter how hard it seems at times, how upsetting some lessons to learn might be I remind myself under the influence of the beautiful setting sun that "life is just a stage and we are merrily players". I admit it is not always easy, but it helps to see any upheavals as opportunities to grow and free ourselves from "baggage".
I breath in deeply and give thanks for the day, show my gratitude to me being here in this world, where I live, friends that are in my life, gratitude for the food on the table, the warm clothes I am wearing etc. the more I take time out and repeat this evening meditation the more I find ways to be grateful for.

This is also a good way of letting go of any unwanted "stuff", let the setting sun dissolve any upsets. Tomorrow is a new day and we can start afresh.
After my giving thanks I continue to sit in silence and take in the wind caressing my face, sometimes it is rather cold, yet very refreshing and energising. The salt it carries from the sea purifies my body and soul. The sound of the waves washing over me, harmonising my whole being. First golden, than red pathways reaching me from the distant sunset across the water, forming a continuous carpet and connecting me with the sun. The vibrant colours twinkling like thousands of stars on the surface of the sea, reminding me of golden roads I waked in ancient pasts. I see myself walking on this golden carpet, being showered with infinite, sparkling stars connecting to all there is.
Slowly the magnificent carpet shrinks, the sun has reached the water and sinks, disappearing and everything becomes still. Moments later the real show begins. Amazing colours of gold, red, magenta, purple arise on the sky where the sun was before. A breathtaking display often missed when turning away once the sun is set. Yet I learned when staying a bit longer the magic starts to happen. I breath in the sheer beauty of the evening unfolding, imprinting this bliss, before I gather myself to walk home again.
Thank you for witnessing such a spectacular moment.


A new powerful year emerging - thoughts for today by Lynne Sims:



(Lynne's daughter, 8 years young (see dolphindance)  says, that our wings are growing, and keeps wanting me and she to pretend to be angels.

She says, ‘When we get back to heaven,’

I say, ‘When we bring heaven to earth’

These are amazing times.

I believe we are at a point of instant karma.

All things are possible.

We must follow through without fear.

We are the rainbows to cut through the cloud.

I say rainbows, rather than a specific colour, because pure light refracts into a rainbow.  Nature gives us a rainbow. It is man’s interpretation which selects colours.

Betty Shine, Betty Balcombe give exercises where we let a rainbow wash over us each morning, and the colour that is right for the day will envelop us -  you can either either work through the spectrum, or imagine a rainbow washing over and around you and the universe will do the rest.


I leave you with this thought of mine, living as I do, in a town at the centre of time, that straddles the meridian line, a thought for you to carry to Sancreed and beyond.


Our Mission?

We must be as rainbows.

Envelope the world with our love.

In all directions of time.

Be peace, be love,

Bring Peace, beam love.

Breathe peace, beam love. 

In all directions of time.

Breathe peace, beam love,

Be Peace    Be love

Bring Peace, beam love.

In all directions of time.

Lynne Bernice Sims


Lynne Bernice Sims asserts her moral right to be identified as the author of this work. February 16th 2008