Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas
2012 Special
We are looking into getting people together, who can commit long in advance for a fabulous Dolphin swim sometime in 2012. If you like to be amongst those who want to make 2012 unforgettable and you know you can make it, get in touch.
Children are welcome to join us on these holidays.
Delphiris invites families on this trip to make this an unforgettable adventure
for everyone.
Drawing on her 20 years experience working with children she offers a warm, safe environment for all.
A specific date can only be booked closer to 2012; (most likely end of May or first week in September as flights are twice as much during June -August)) however as that year will be booked up rather quickly, we need to make inquiries early and leave a down payment soon. So please only get in touch with us, if you are able to leave a deposit in advance to make this trip happen.
Book Now to secure Your Space
Call Delphiris:
tel: 0845 458 0278 (local rate)
mobile: 07961 051 606
e-mail: [email protected]
"Live in abundance. The money will come together, if you really want to go, GO!!!
Make your dream come true NOW" !!!
"I Delphiris, Ocean Therapy Facilitator will share with you my unforgettable
life changing experiences I had when swimming with wild Dolphins in the Bahamas".
The Adventure
After I returned from a fantastic time in the Bahamas in 1998 - we swam up to six times a day with the Atlantic spotted dolphins I decided to hire a boat to give others the opportunity to experience this wonderful and unforgettable adventure as well. Meanwhile I have organised and facilitated several trips on different boats leaving Florida by boat.
Now the adventure continues. This time, after arriving in Miami or Fort Lauderdale we take a small plane from Fort Lauderdale directly to Bimini Island.
We will fly to Bimini, Bahamas, where we head straight onto the Marina to meet the Captain and his crew.

They would like to bring you eye-to-eye with a pot of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. These Dolphins have come to trust humans and a special relationship has developed with the people who visit.


This unique and exciting experience will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Join us for almost a week-long adventure at sea: Sun-drenched days and balmy tropical nights... excitement and fun... playful dolphins... and new friends... all await you in the Bahamas.

One of the many advantages of being in Bimini is that the Atlantis Wall is 300 ft. from where we anchor for the night. This gives us plenty of time to visit the Wall. Other advantages are some of the most beautiful reefs found anywhere which we are able to enjoy often.

The famed Bimini healing hole, the people the island, its food and music are all treats that we might be able to enjoy during the week.

Our main focus is of course swimming and interacting with the Dolphins in their environment. The Dolphins and the weather dictate our schedule for the week. An encounter can last from a few moments to an hour or more with from two to fifty Dolphins participating. However there is never a guarantee that we meet these magical beings. We only meet them on their terms.


This could be a spiritual journey of a lifetime, reconnecting to the "Dolphin within".

I am looking forward seeing you on board! Till then, lots of love & light and Dolphin joy! Delphiris.

almost all inclusive..

We will also match other Bahamian Wild Dolphin Swim Organizations discounted prices of equal value to help make your special Dolphin week a reality... stated are 2011 prices, for 2012 will be confirmed on booking, they might vary by than

Please note: with the great exchange rate at present this trip is about £300 less than my previous trips. You only pay the deposit directly to me in English Pounds, the remaining balance to be paid in US Dollars on arrival.

Almost 1 week Aboard: �200 (English Pounds) deposit plus $1545 (US Dollars) on arrival on board

  • + Plus: flights to America and Bahamas and transfer
  • + 1 night motel and transfer to and from the boat and any additional days you like to spend on the island
  • + Departure and Bahamian tax ($60 cash when boarding)
  • + Gratitudes for the crew, which is customary on these trips

What is included in the trip price...

  • All boat government taxes including the 45.00 eco tax...
  • Accommodations for the week...Yoga in the mornings -if you wish...
  • All meals and snacks prepared on the boat-including departure and return dates...
  • Fuel charges...
  • Non-alcoholic beverages...
  • Snorkeling gear...this is not the normal rental equipment. It is the best and most comfortable gear available.
  • We now offer brand new monofins of most sizes so that our guests can give them a try and swim like a dolphin.

What is not included in the trip price...

  • Travel expenses-airfare, taxis etc...
  • Gratuities to the crew...
  • Bahamian departure tax 20.00 US..
  • One night out to sample Bahamian style cusine. Calypso music and dancing optional but recommended...

If you are interested in joining me on this trip I like to ask you to send the minimum deposit of �200 (English Pounds) plus copy of flight receipts and details.

As you only have to pay the remaining balance of approximal $1545 dollars on arrival of the boat we ask you for the flight details when booking. This way you confirm you are coming. Booking the flights as early as possible is essential as costs intend to increase close to departure.


You are responsible to sort out your flights to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, motel bookings and flights to Bimini and transfers to the boat.

However I am happy to assist you on flights to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, where to stay overnight, as there is no connection flight on the same day to get to Bimini.


When sending cheques from abroad:

Please send a cheque in Pound Sterling only, allow for handling charges in the UK. (Please add �15 handling charge for UK banks. Even if your bank charges you already, UK banks take their cut, too!) Avoid electronic bank transfer as it takes three weeks to clear. The cheapest and quickest way will be 'postal money orders' from your local post office. After you sent me this I can cash it in straight away. You can also send it by email using paypal. It is simple and easy to sign up for a paypal account which allows you to pay by credit card, too. A small additional charge applies. Please e-mail Delphiris for further assistance.


Please make cheques payable to:    D. Hoffmann

send to Delphiris, Boswedden Mill, Cape Cornwall, St.Just, Penzance TR19 7NJ


Dolphins in the Bahamas

The Bahama Banks are the only place in the world where wild Dolphins are free to make their own choices about when and where to interact with people. Part of the beauty of this experience is in the following of their agenda, not humans.

Their interactions may range from playing with us in the water or surfing in the bow of the cruising boat, to feeding and taking care of their young.


Why Living on a Boat ?

Living on the boat gives us an advantage over living ashore. While others are waiting on shore to go out later, you might be sitting on deck with your morning tea or coffee while a pod of bottlenose Dolphins swim by feeding with their young.

We have the most stable boat on the Dolphin grounds. For me, life is too short to be in bad weather, and if it is bad we go to shore and play on the island. Because of our size and stability we are able to stay out safely when other boats might not come out at all.

Those of you who have been in the Bahamas in the summer know that it can be pretty hot and humid-unlike the live ashore boats, we have air conditioning and all the comforts with us while we are out all day. This includes full meals and lots of shade and comfort on deck to look for dolphins.

It can be pretty awesome being anchored off a beautiful beach in the evening, under a star filled sky, listening to the sound of Dolphins blowing around the boat.

There is a lot of beach time if you wish and a lot more time for snorkelling. We spend one evening ashore to shop and eat at a Bahamian restaurant and maybe even dance to Calypso music if the spirit moves you. It's interesting that the guests who were the most concerned about living ashore have been the people who can't wait to leave the dock and get back out to the reefs and the dolphins.

While there is plenty of time for sharing time with new friends, there is, also enough privacy on the boat that you can be alone with your thoughts or favourite book.

Also when there are mosquitoes and sand fleas on the island in the evening we don't get them -- it's a good thing!!

There is something grand about ending the day moving along the beaches of Bimini after an active day of dolphins and reefs. To sit on the deck and watch a beautiful sunset with the smells of a wonderful dinner coming up from below. Life is good--

About the Captain and his Crew

The captain was raised on a boat from childhood and has lived his life on the sea. He has been a skipper for several Atlantic crossings as well as cruising and working boats throughout the Bahama Islands. His concern for the safety of his passengers and crew takes priority above all else. He started his swims with the dolphins at the age of ten, while vacationing in Bimini with his family. The years since have instilled him with a deep love and respect for nature, especially for the wild Dolphins. As well as an accomplished sailor, the captain is a hypno-therapist, body worker, breath worker and energy worker.

'There is no place in the world that feels more like home to me than in Bimini with its beautiful reefs, long sandy beaches, the Atlantis wall, healing spring and the people whose hearts and smiles are as big and wide as the star filled sky above the island.'

"The dolphins have become my second family and I feel blessed. Its a privilege and a joy to be able to share this life with others."
" Whether watching the Dolphins from the boat or dingy or becoming a part of the pod for a short time while swimming with them, the eye-to-eye contact, the sense of feelings that pass between each Dolphin and perhaps those of us in the water are unique to the individual."

The crew (like our guests) is made up of an international assortment of men and women. Their roles vary from cooking, operating and maintaining the boats, to assisting people who may need help in swimming in the sea for the first time. Their common bond is a love for the Dolphins and to be able to share that experience.


The Boat

We have had more dolphin encounters than ever and there is not a Dolphin boat that comes close to her level of comfort.
At 91 feet, our boat is the largest, most stable and comfortable Dolphin boat in the Bahamas by far.

Every cabin has en-suite heads (bathrooms) w/showers- for a total of nine bathrooms, hair dryers and regular house flushing toilets w/slow close seats. There is also an enclosed bathroom/shower on the dive deck.

You find five double occupancy cabins each with its own private bath and shower. There are two cabins with queen size berths w/double overhead, two cabins with double berths w/double overhead and a cabin with two twin berths.

The Giggle Room has four single berths with it's own bath and shower. The staterooms and bathrooms are much larger than any comparable boat that we know of. All the rooms have personal climate control with your own remote control.


There are two sun decks-one on the top of the boat-everyone's favorite place. For those who would like shade with a view-the dive lounge and the Lido deck above offer panoramic views with comfortable seating and tables. You may also sleep on deck in a hammock or lounge chair if the mood strikes you-under the stars or undercover. Thirty feet above the water, the top sun deck is perfect for watching for dolphins or a taking in a beautiful night sky.

For swimming with the dolphins, or exploring a beautiful reef, the large dive platform-just a few inches above the water- with its custom steps, make it very easy for guests of any ability to have safe access in and out of the water. Even though this is a big boat there is still an intimacy with the dolphins from her. There is a walkway just a couple of feet off the water encompassing the boat for close up interactions with the Dolphins from the boat. Great for that special eye to eye contact! The two fresh water rinse off's are a nice convenience also.

We also have a two large custom built dive dingys for Dolphin interactions-they keep us very close to the dolphins both in and out of the water--we will be using both boats depending on the situation.

With our previous multihulls we have always had the most stable boats on the dolphin grounds.

Our boat is designed from the begriming to be comfortable at sea. With her hull design, massive weight, ballast tanks and underwater stabilizers she sits beautifully on the dolphin grounds. With a comfort both below and above decks that can't be found on any multihull we know of.

Our boat's systems are very much like a sailboats. They are very well done and efficient. We are able to make our own water, have a Trans Atlantic range and are almost as fuel efficient as a sailboat-she moves beautifully through the water with very little wake. There are backups for everything and we are completely self sufficient.

She has all the safety features that are required and more.


Extra Expenses

The cab fare on the island is around 5.00 Dollars each way. It is usually around 20.00 to 25.00 dollars on our night out to experience some great Bahamian food. There is a 15.00 Dollar tax when leaving the Bahamas. That is only payable in cash to the pilot. There is also 45.00 Bahamian tax that goes helping protect the eco-system in the islands. That is paid to the boat and we give it to the Bahamian government.

Crew Gratuity/Tipping

Considering the hours the crew put in, and the variety of activities in which they helped you indulge, about 10 percent of the charter fee is common. Adjustments can be made up or down, according to how well you thought you were treated.

Sample Itinery:

We are the only live aboard Dolphin swim organization that is just minutes from the dolphin grounds in Bimini in the Bahamas.

DAY- 1... Sunday-Arrival from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini. Boarding the boat at the Beach Club on South Bimini from 10:00am.

For those who arrive early, feel free to explore the island and its beaches. As soon as everyone arrives and are comfortable we have our safety and dolphin orientation. We will also personally check out all snorkeling gear and help those of you who might need adjustments.

Lunch is next...With the tide, We leave for the Dolphin grounds and snorkel checkout. We will take all the time necessary to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in the water and with their gear. For most of our guests-even those who can't swim-it doesn't take long. This is something that we specialize in and have perfected over the years.

During the week we are happy to take you to any skill level that you may wish in the water...it is something that we love and are happy to share...

Then on to swim with our Dolphin family...

DAY 2-5... Our main focus is of course swimming and interacting with the dolphins in their environment. The Dolphins and the weather dictate our schedule for the week. An encounter can last from a few moments to many hours, with from two to sixty dolphins participating.

This past season we had many days of five to seven hour interactions. Sometimes taking a break for lunch while the Dolphins played outside the dining room picture windows until we finished and rejoined them in the water for the rest of the afternoon...

Some weeks we swim several times a day, every day and some weeks there may be days without swimming with them.

Weather can be much the same. Some weeks are flat calm and sometimes a few days can be windy, rainy and rough. These are things that are out of our control but also lends to a sense of awe in our environment as the weather and dolphins come and go at their own pace. Sit back and take it in and feel a smile stretch across your face.

Operating our Dolphin swims in Bimini gives us the ability to check out many other natural blessings the Bahamas has to offer. Some of the most beautiful waters and reefs anywhere in the world. Deserted islands with incredible beaches. Playing with our Stingray family in the wild- The Atlantis Wall or Bimini Road as the locals call it.
The big hearted, always happy to say hello citizens of the island, its food and music are all treats that we are able to enjoy during the week.

P.S. We do not go out when the weather is rough-life is too short for that.

DAY- 6... Departure time from the boat is 9 a.m. Friday morning after breakfast.


Flights to Bimini

Miami- As of now there aren't any flights to Bimini. Some guests have to fly into Miami. It isn't hard to get to Ft Lauderdale from Miami-it's only a fourty-five minute drive and there are also shuttles between airports.

Ft. Lauderdale � We use a charter airline -Bimini Island Air (BIA). We have been working together for 10 years-they have a perfect safety record and have taken excellent care of both our crew and our guests.

Bimini Island Air passes on discounts that they receive from several hotels in the area-check with them.

You will land in South Bimini and then taxi to the boat.

If you have flown into Ft.Lauderdale International Airport it is a twenty minute taxi ride to Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport to BIA. The price is around 245 US Dollars per person round trip to Bimini and back.

We have an 8:00am flight with them every Sunday morning. The return flight is 10:00am the following Friday.

Things to Bring
  • Valid passport
  • QUALITY SNORKELING GEAR: please buy gear at a professional dive shop.
  • FINS: should be closed heeled with no booties- if you already have them its OK. Try to buy the largest fin blade that will fit you. Many dive shops have been trying to sell the new split fins-they are expensive and don't give the resistance or power (which means ease of swimming) of the solid fin. Recommended fins 'Mares Volo Race' or similar fin.
  • SNORKEL: the 'IMPULSE II' or similar snorkel. Not the dry snorkel - our guests have had problems with the top getting stuck and not letting air in.
  • MASK: any mask that fits your face comfortably and stays on when you breath in without the strap around your head. Please try to purchase the best equipment that you can afford and if possible practice before you join us to assure proper fit and comfort. This is to enhance your experience with the dolphins. We will also be spending all the time you might need to help you feel more comfortable in the water.
  • BATHING SUITS: (several if possible)
  • 2 TOWELS
  • RAIN JACKET: Light weight rain jacket-wind breaker
  • SUN PROTECTORS: Sun Cream SPF 30 or greater - No oils, no spray lotions. Lip Balm.
  • MOTION SICKNESS PILLS (if you feel that it is necessary for you)
  • FLIP FLOPS: are the best shoes
  • TYPE OF CLOTHING: It is a good idea to bring a loose fitting pair of long pants-light cotton- and long sleeve type t-shirt to wear in the water to keep from burning-especially for the first few days.

  • While not necessary, the following items may make your trip more enjoyable.

  • FILM: Camera-film-disposable underwater cameras work very well.
  • SLEEPING GEAR: Light blanket or sleeping bag for sleeping on deck if you wish
  • JOURNAL: for keeping notes

Please note:

I am happy to help you organise your flights, support you via email or phone before our adventure begins. Throughout the trip I am available to support the individual. However, the captain and his crew have their routines, too and together we try to make this a most enjoyable trip. I am not responsible for any changes in the Captain's itinerary, mechanics of the boat or adverse weather conditions. Where ever possible I liaise with the captain....


Here are just a few comments from people who recently returned from their trip of a lifetime:

Starting a new journey, needed a break to forget about London life for a while:
"This has been such an incredible trip. I had an interesting experience just after returning to London when giving a very sceptical client a healing session. Afterwards she commented on how powerful the healing was and she saw/felt all these dolphins. I then showed her my dolphin T-shirt I was wearing. The dolphins carry on working even in London"!

22 years old, recently embarked on looking for ways of cutting family ties to start her own life's journey. She found that her desire and love for water will be inevitable for the rest of her life due to many close encounters with the dolphins, after pushing her physical strength to the limit and beyond in order to enjoy these encounters. She is radiating and embracing her new journey:
"Thank you all for contributing in your own little ways to the most amazing experience I've had in a long time, I loved every minute of it and it was so nice that we all got along so well. I now have the motivation I need to fulfil my dreams to the best of my ability with the help from all of you and of course we must not forget the dolphins."

Going through divorce after 30 years of marriage is now able to swim and dive a lot deeper, is more relaxed, letting go of layers and layers of her past. The dolphins have helped her to be more, to surrender to what is.

Recently separated after 30 years of marriage, starting to empower herself and dare. She is terrified of water, but has been very courageous in trusting water. Her determination of learning to snorkel helped her to overcome her deep rooted fear. At the end of this trip she felt incredibly liberated:
"Now I am ready to face life, to live in a more fulfilling way and be true to myself. Having been able to feel moments of intense terror and fear has helped me to come through this to then experience the sheer joy and peace and exhilaration of feeling one with the ocean, it's moods, the dolphins and fish. This trip has been worth every penny. The pulsating life of the ocean enabled me to reconnect to others and share their experiences."

Not being able to ever afford such an unreachable dream, she put all her trust into making the trip come true:
"The freedom I experienced swimming with the dolphins encourages me to live my life free. After speaking to Delphiris and having such a feeling of trust wash over me, I decided to take a risk and invest my deposit money with her. For two to three months afterwards, although she stayed in constant touch, I didn't really believe that I would be going on this holiday of a lifetime. But, having decided to go through with it, the day came when we all met up for our flight to Miami. I was excited and nervous and I felt like I really deserved this experience, having made the commitment and seen it through. I was nervous, too, that some part of me would be disappointed that the holiday wouldn't live up my expectations (even though I assured myself I had none).
"I was far from disappointed. The holiday was an amazing, mind-opening experience. The sense of complete freedom I felt on a day-to-day basis was just priceless. I discovered a deep and abiding love of the ocean that I'd had no idea was inside me. The dolphins were the most calming, invigorating and truly magical creatures, and any panic I felt at snorkeling completely dissipated whenever a dolphin was around. By the end of the week, I'd gone from hating snorkeling to loving it and now I intend to do lots more.
"All I can say to those who doubt is...if it feels right in your heart, make the commitment, experience the awesome power of such a journey and discover yourself at the end of it. GO FOR IT! May you get as much from it as I have."

Carried the feeling of being drowned in a previous life, therefore wanted to heal this issue:
"The dolphin trip was an amazing experience. I was empowered to join the trip at the very last minute, taking over a cancellation. I have always been very frightened of the water and cannot swim, which I believe is a "past life" memory. The time spent on the ocean was magical, I discovered a world I had no idea existed. I snorkeled, I swam with the dolphins and I let go of my fear. It was truly a life changing event for me. I hope this is sufficient although I have to say that words are quite inadequate to describe my feelings about this. Thank you so much Delphiris for making this possible for me."

Wasn't sure if this trip would be any good for her, although her sister suggested her to go. Here is one of her diary entries:
"It had seemed a long day on board the Dream Too. I had missed the morning opportunity to swim and by late afternoon our group was requesting a swim. However, Captain Scot was determined not to settle until we had spotted the dolphins. At sunset they came. Twice Marilyn and I went in to swim with them but failed to get near enough. I encouraged Marilyn to try for the third time but her energy was spent, so I re-entered the water without her. Sure enough, the dolphins were there. One dolphin swam regally past me with a remora 'attached to its underside. There were one or two other spotted dolphins. Another dolphin seemed to mirror my lunges to the surface for air, only gracefully. A female dolphin, I guess she was pregnant, came to me and circled me, gently looking at me. She seemed focused on me and I was moved to tears. She circled slowly around me a few times and she was clicking and I saw amazing bubbles come from her breathing hole. I was transfixed in the moment, I felt so special and so loved. Somehow she was connecting to me and she was working some healing magic on me. A weight, invisible, seemed to lift off my shoulders. When I lost sight of the dolphins I would dive a little and low and behold I would set eyes on them again. I was in joy and felt connected in a way I had never felt before. I described the event to the others as 'awesome' and my perception now of the dolphins has changed. I perceive them more than wild animals - I am converted - they are as 'angels of the sea', as healers."
My dolphin cards the next morning read: Light rays (body), synergy (mind), pairing (spirit) I realise I have made a spiritual pairing with the angel of the sea - the dolphin.

Having reached the end of a very intense 9 months inner healing journey, transforming her life now by being courageous enough leaving (financial secure) London after trying for 10 years to follow her dreams.
"I was confronted with a lot more stuff although I thought I had healed my wounds. It has been like a christening for me, showing me - by seeing the changes in everybody who came on this trip - how important it is to carry on my work I am destined to do: To follow my heart and help others to empower themselves to live life to the fullest. Live the life you love to live."

Photographs from dolphin journey 2003
Delphiris Bahamas June 2003, photograph by Jacqueline Russel.
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